We are a constantly evolving team of enablers and change-makers working towards bringing a revolution in the field of robotic technology and the way children of today learn.

We expose the young and curious minds of today with all the right tools and frameworks and provide them a platform to learn, express themselves and grow in the process.

At Aytas, our courses are designed to unleash the true potential of students belonging to all age groups and inculcate in them skills such as logical and abstract thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, etc.

Boy student working on his bot model.


We aspire to provide high quality robotics kits to all children at a modest price. Our expert faculty will reach and teach all students and strive to assure that they achieve their maximum potential. Along with making learning an exhilarating experience, our Practical Based Learning platform will eventually lead to children’s procurement of skill and apprehension of concepts bringing them success.


We envision that we can bring about a true revolution in the field of Robotics Technology as we are not bound by limitations and most importantly imagination.
Aytas Robotics - Student holding robot