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Application and Use of Robotics in Everyday Life?

Robots are playing a vital role in the growth of different fields such as education, medicine, manufacturing etc. Domestic robots and industrial robots are making a different set of tasks easier at home and in companies respectively.

Robotics is no more a futuristic possibility but a present reality transforming the world at a quick pace. This is the reason why parents should encourage children to learn robotics at an early age to keep up with the changing dynamics of the world.

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Here are a few of the major applications and use of robotics in everyday life.


Robotics-based learning has made huge strides in the past decade. To make subjects like mathematics, science, technology and social science exciting and interesting, robotics are used. The game-based usage helps in changing education into an imaginative and creative thing for kids. It also prepares children for the future where they would need to work along with robotics.


Robotics is already redefining the healthcare sector across the world. Robots are a great tool in the hand of a doctor or surgeon. Before the invention and use of robots, it was a daunting task for surgeons to perform complex surgeries. With the assistance of robots and 3D views, doctors can be more precise and accurate. Additionally, robotics is beneficial for replacing non-functional or damaged body parts.


The manufacturing process is filled with repetitive tasks that need to be performed for delivering high-quality products. These functions do not require intelligence or emotions. Robotics can easily take up such tasks, which in turn can help humans to concentrate on other important tasks.

The application of robotics is not limited. Other sectors like the military, transportation, entertainment, and safety also benefit from it.

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