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How Robotic Classes for Kids Boosts Holistic Learning

Traditional classroom learning was developed centuries ago. Today, educational needs have changed. The new holistic learning approach is focused on opening the minds, expanding the boundaries and instilling innovation in kids.

So, how can parents provide the right pathway and tools to succeed today? If you live in Mumbai, robotic classes for kids in Mumbai are the answer. Find about different holistic learning models prevalent today and how robotics learning easily integrates with them.


The Montessori system of learning emphasizes the development of natural interest in children. The learning environment, modules and activities are so designed to tap into the curiosity of children and encourage learning naturally.

Invented by Maria Montessori, a physicist and educator, the Montessori system of learning also promotes independence, controlled freedom and respect for gradual physical, psychological and social development.


Waldorf form of learning was developed by Rudolf Steiner a century ago in Europe. This learning approach is aimed at the development of children by focusing on academic, artistic capabilities and practical capacity. In principle, the Waldorf system of learning is all about the head, heart and hands. Imagination, creative thinking and play continue to be at the centre of Waldorf methodology even today.

Reggio Emilia

In its most basic form, Reggio Emilia is an experiential learning philosophy where children are allowed to come together and take control of learning and education.

Homeschooling is another approach which has become popular since the pandemic. The parents use online programs, tools and learning modules to teach children as educators.

As you can see, all the holistic forms of learning approaches are focused on empowering children and opening up new learning opportunities. Robotics learning in early childhood can give the much-necessary boost to the holistic development of your kid.

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