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How Robotics Classes Can Balance Screen Time for Kids?

Television, smartphones, computers and other devices have become integral to families across India. Thus, watching videos, playing games, and engaging in different online entertainment activities are common today.

However, too much screen time for kids can sometimes become a concern in this digital age. Experts believe that brain development is a key process that happens in the initial years of a kid’s life.

Screen time beyond a certain limit can affect normal development. Plus, it can severely impact different elements such as language, thought process and reasoning ability.

If the habit of spending time in front of a screen continues, myriad other problems can affect children too such as:

So, how can parents limit screen time? Robotics classes in Mumbai can play a pivotal role to balance screen time and help children spend time doing something creative as well as productive. Find out how.

Interesting and Exciting

Unlike traditional school learning, robotics classes contain interesting and exciting sessions. These classes encourage a practical learning approach that is refreshing and engaging for kids. Besides, it provides a new perspective to kids who daily go to school and attend theoretical classes. This automatically encourages kids to reduce screen time.

Better Alternative

Kids generally spend too much time on mobile devices to avoid boredom. This is where parents can take the initiative and encourage them to do something productive.

Sending them to robotics classes can help them in mingling with other children. Team activities in robotics courses can further help children to develop teamwork-related ethics and capabilities.

If you are looking to reduce your child’s screen time, enroll them in Aytas Robotics classes in Mumbai. For more details, contact us today.

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