Summer Camp 2023

In this digital era, children are more exposed to screens than we wish them to. We wanted to help the children to overcome their addiction to mobile. Eyesight is deteriorating day by day. They have been living an immobile, virtual life. They are harming their body& mind. Interaction with family members has declined considerably.

We have designed daily activities that they will rejoice in and enable them to learn. This summer camp will help your child bring out the best version of themselves.

This summer camp is loaded with games. They will learn speed calculation of maths. Those who have grammar phobia will dive into it. Coding and related activities are also being taught. Introverted children will definitely become extroverted.

Develop 5 C's

Here they are not going to be judged. They will explore their true selves in this summer camp. It will increase their confidence and self-esteem.

This summer camp will allow your child to shape their personality and learn various innovative art & skills.